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Skin Care Tips: 12 Ways To Prep Your Skin For Summer

It is important to prepare your skin for the change of weather and temperature. If you are not sure how to go about this process, the following 12 skin care tips can act as a guideline to ensure you are welcoming the summer looking and feeling your best.

Tip #1: Drink A Lot Of Water

One simple secret to maintaining beautiful skin all year round is consuming a lot of water. Regardless of what season it is, it is crucial to make sure that your skin and body is well hydrated.

Tip #2: Exfoliate Your Skin

Showing off your skin and letting it absorb as much Vitamin D as possible in the summer is fun. However, it can be problematic if you have to deal with dry, dull skin or blemishes. Just as important as your face, your body needs to be well exfoliated, especially your back, legs, elbows and knees.

Exfoliating your skin regularly helps to get rid of dry and dead skin, unclogs pores and removes dirt and bacteria. This is one of the most important skin care tips.

Tip #3: Remove Hair

No matter what hair removal method you will be using, you need to ensure your skin is well protected. Neither razor burn nor irritated skin from waxing or laser treatment is enjoyable. If shaving is your choice, you should change your blades often and always lather your shaving cream well. If you have sensitive skin, it is suggested that you look for hair removal products that are designed only for sensitive skin. As sensitive skin does not respond well to laser treatment, try your best to stay away from this method if not needed. Protecting your skin when removing hair is important in this list of skin care tips.

Tip #4: Change Up Your Skincare Routine

Just like how you have different wardrobes for different seasons, your face requires a different skincare routine during summer. Your favorite facial cream and hydrating body lotion that have been used during the winter might make your skin more oily and sticky in the summer.

While shopping for skincare products, you should be looking for products that are lighter in texture, are oil free and contains SPF to protect your skin from sun damage. If you use a creamy cleanser during the winter, it might be a good idea to switch to a foaming face wash for the summer. Your must do skin care tips should include changing up your routine for the season.

Tip #5: Get Rid of Back and Chest Acne

Back and chest acne can make it hard to enjoy your summer days when you have to cover up most of your skin with clothes.

It is highly recommended that you exfoliate your skin more regularly to avoid oil, dirt and bacteria building up, clogging your pores and causing breakouts. You should replace your current body wash with a body wash that has salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. These ingredients are very effective in exfoliating your skin, killing bacteria and unclogging your pores.

Tip #6: Moisturize Your Skin After Exfoliation or Shaving

You should apply lotion right away after each exfoliation or shaving to keep your skin hydrated and soft. After dead skin cells are removed by exfoliation, your skin can absorb the lotion better as well.

Moisturize your face and your body with the proper products after cleansing or showering is crucial to maintaining glowing and hydrated skin, as your body tends to dehydrate easily in the summer. Moisturizing is one of the most important skin care tips.

Tip #7: Choose The Right Shampoo for Your Hair

Not sure why this is in a list of skin care tips? While your hair may not be a part of your skin, split ends and dry hair are common problems in the summer. As we tend to be outside in the sun and the pool more often, your hair can easily be affected and damaged.

There are great hair products out there that are made from natural ingredients and are sulfate free. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (also known as SLS) is commonly used in many hair shampoos to make them soapy. It also removes excess oil and dirt from your hair. However, SLS is also responsible for irritating your scalp, causing acne around the hairline and damage to your hair follicles. Essentious Exonerate Gentle Shampoo is one of a few that does not contain SLS. It uses organically based emulsifiers with a base of Aloe Vera gel, which heals and moisturizes your hair with a light and refreshing scent. Aloe Vera also promotes healthy hair growth and reduces dandruff without drying out your scalp.

Tip #8: Condition Your Hair

Just like you need to protect your skin during the summer, your hair needs protection from the elements. Conditioning your hair in the summer is essential to protecting and nourishing your hair. Hydrate Conditioning Treatment can improve the health and the condition of your hair overtime with permanent results.

If you are dealing with chemically damaged hair or split ends, Essentious Rejuvenate Strengthening Protein Treatment can bring them back to life. Vitamins, protein and natural extracts in Rejuvenate Strengthening Protein Treatment work to rebuild your hairs structure, balance the pH of your hair and improve hair naturally. It also prevents breakage, fortifies, and strengthens damaged hair.

Tip #9: Carry Your Sunscreen Everywhere You Go

Sunscreen is undoubtedly a must-have in the summer skin care tips. Makeup or moisturizers with SPF are great but they cannot replace your sunscreen. A lot of us opt for sunscreens with a higher broad spectrum of SPF thinking they have more properties to protect our skin. The fact is that the higher SPF only means that they can protect you longer in the sun. Thus, it is important to have your sunscreen ready in your bag to reapply when needed.

Tip #10: Get Your Waterproof Makeup Products Ready

Summer usually brings high humidity and sweat. You wouldn’t want your makeup to smudge or run after a few hours of being outside, would you?

This is why waterproof makeup is necessary in the summer. However, many of makeup products that last hours also contain ingredients that can irritate your skin. If you can, try to stay away from products that contain silicones when it comes to foundations and powders. Silicones can irritate your skin and cause breakouts.

Tip #11: Avoid Staying Out in the Sun for Too Long

Although it is great to enjoy the sunny weather and get your body some Vitamin D, it is recommended that you know your limit for sun exposure.

You can start your day a little earlier to avoid the time when the sun is most intense. You can try to stay in the shade as much as possible if you have to be outside during 10am to 3pm. This skin care tip not only protects you from the damage that the sun might cause, but is also beneficial for your body to prevent it from dehydrating & aging.

Tip #12: Get Rid of Those Dry Heels

Winter sometimes leaves us with dry and cracked heels. They can make it hard for you to rock your new sandals and fun flip-flops. Soaking your feet in a bowl of hot water and lemon juice to exfoliate and heal cracked heels is a great DIY home remedy.

With these 12 skin care tips as a guideline, you will be able to prepare your skin for this coming summer. By taking good care of your skin and your hair, you will have clear and glowing skin to show off in any summer outfit to go along with your shiny and beautiful hair.

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