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Tips for Glowing Skin

You can reveal your healthiest skin with simple home remedies. For beautiful glowing skin, mash a banana and mix it with milk. Apply this mixture on your face and keep it for 20-30 minutes. Then wash with cold water to get a glowing skin. The antioxidant vitamin A and skin softening potassium in bananas moisturizes the skin gently, while the lactic acid in the milk helps it to penetrate and naturally brighten skin discolorations.

If you have oily skin, try adding a bit of lemon juice to your banana mixture to help draw out excess oils in the skin. Repeat either remedy every couple of weeks for glowing skin.

If you have dry skin, boost your healthy skin benefits by adding a mixture of milk and honey with your banana. This will smooth your skin, reveal a healthy glow, and tighten pores. Lastly, remember to load up on water. Water is a great tool for flushing unwanted toxins from the skin.

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