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10 Essential Foods for Glowing Skin




Beautiful, glowing skin is always the best accessory whether you are an A-list actress or a stay-at-home mother. Everyone wants gorgeous, glowing, youthful looking skin.  Imagine having clear, vibrant looking skin everyday, and not having to leave your home. These 10 essential foods for glowing skin will help you achieve a radiance that will make you the envy of everyone around.

What we eat and drink plays a large role in how our skin looks. The natural ingredients in many foods for glowing skin help do everything from reducing redness and irritation to protecting the skin against sun damage. Fortunately, you don’t always need the top estheticians and dermatologist on speed dial. You can take the necessary steps towards glowing skin right at home, and your professional skin care provider will thank you. A healthy diet full of nutrient-rich foods is as important to obtaining healthy, glowing skin as the creams on our nightstands. Don’t worry if you don’t maintain the healthiest diet. Vitamin supplements, like DERMERA Skin Vitamins are an excellent source of the vital skin nutrients that your body could be missing. What goes on internally is reflected in our skin thus, if our skin is glowing, that means we’re nourishing and nurturing ourselves.

The following 10 essential foods for glowing skin can be found everywhere and some of them are most likely already in your pantry. Start adding these natural skin care, delicious superfoods for glowing skin to your daily diet and watch your skin begin to glow before your eyes.

  1. Water

Water is hands down, the most important food for glowing skin we can consume. The effects of water on your skin is immediate. Water flushes away unwanted waste and toxins from our bodies, leaving behind healthy, more youthful-looking skin. Fine lines and wrinkles will look less pronounced, your skin will feel softer and supple. Superficial dehydration will dissipate and the result is clear looking skin.

  1. Avocado

A lot can be said for what good fats can do for our skin. Avocado is not only a good fat; it is a delicious one at that! A good source of biotin, a B-complex vitamin that aids in synthesis of fatty acids and Vitamin E, a nutrient that is key to improving the skin’s health. One of the greatest parts about avocado is that they can be used externally. Applied directly on your skin as a face mask provides even more benefits. Avocados aid in preventing dry skin and because they contain fatty acids, this helps in replenishing the skin’s natural protective barrier. Even better, avocados can be used on all skin types, from the driest to the most sensitive.

  1. Green Tea

Next to water, green tea is high on the list of skin-friendly beverages. A good source of antioxidants, green tea has many properties that help achieve glowing skin. Much like avocado, green tea is not only beneficial when consumed but also from applying externally. The polyphenols active in green tea are essential in protecting against sun damage. Combine with its ability to reduce swelling, redness and irritation; green tea is an essential addition to everyone’s daily diet.

  1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are very high in lycopene, a phytochemical antioxidant the body needs that is essential in fighting free radicals. A bright red carotene, the lycopene found in tomatoes boosts collagen production that can reverse the signs of aging and also fights off fine lines and wrinkles. Tomatoes also have a high content of Vitamin C that helps revive dull, tired-looking skin. Another benefit to tomatoes: the natural acidity helps to balance the pH level of skin, thereby removing excess oil and leaving behind smooth, clear skin.




  1. Wild Salmon

Salmon is a beauty superfood high in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3’s are a key component in how the skin regulates oil production, keeping the skin smooth and supple. The fatty acids help keep the cell membranes of the skin strong. Having strong cell membranes keeps moisture in meaning plumper, healthy, younger looking skin. Salmon provides our skin with oils that help lubricate and reduce inflammation that often leads to redness and acne. Salmon also contains an important mineral: selenium, which protects the skin from sun exposure.




  1. Eggs

Eggs are not only a great way to start the day but also an easy way to infuse some vibrancy into your skin. Eggs are full of vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), the member of the vitamin B family most responsible for the skin’s glow. Two antioxidants found in eggs, Lutein and Zeaxanthin are responsible for protection against UV damage which cause fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation spots. Eggs also contain vitamin A which is involved in forming new skin cells.




  1. Pomegranates

More specifically, pomegranate juice does wonders for your skin. It is one of the few fruits whose juice is as beneficial, if not more, than the fruit itself. A secret potion for youthful looking skin, pomegranate juice is high in antioxidant benefits, which can help slow down the process of aging by reducing wrinkles and fine lines caused by sun exposure and damage. It also helps regenerate skin cells and prevents hyper pigmentation and dark spots on the skin. Suited for all skin types, pomegranate juice provides ample moisturization and hydration to the skin, soothing dry and irritated skin thus improving the texture of skin. A glass of pomegranate juice daily will help you on your way towards glowing skin.




  1. Nuts

Nuts of all kinds are wonderful for protecting our skin against cell damage. Whether you choose walnuts, almonds or pine nuts, nuts contain big doses of vitamin E, selenium (an antioxidant with a high mineral count), omega-3 fats and zinc, which plump up the collagen levels of our skin to keep it tight and smooth. Nuts are also a natural anti-inflammatory and are able to help treat various skin disorders such as acne.

  1. Kiwi

The tiny, fuzzy fruit is loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants that help keep skin firm, prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Not only a delicious and nutrient-rich fruit, kiwis contain several skin friendly nutrients such as vitamin C, E and antioxidants, essential for boosting and rejuvenating your skin’s health. Also, kiwis help with cell regeneration, keep the skin firm, fight free radicals and help to prevent sun damage. Lastly, kiwis aid in the detoxification method of waste from the body therefore resulting in glowing skin free of waste products!




  1. Berries

Whether you prefer strawberries, blueberries or raspberries, berries are wonderful for healthy looking skin. They load you up full of vitamin C which aids in rebooting the collagen supply our skin needs for smoothness. Their antioxidant capacity protects the skin from free radicals and sun exposure that can cause damage. This leaves the skin  guarded from premature aging, therefore help keep your skin looking younger longer.




The benefits of the above mentioned foods for glowing skin are not only internal, but external as well. Many of these essential foods for glowing skin can be consumed and applied externally on the skin for full benefits to achieve glowing, healthy looking skin. By incorporating these super foods for glowing skin into your everyday diet you will be feeding your skin in powerful ways resulting in healthy, glowing, youthful skin.

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