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How To Treat Blemishes and Mild Acne

blemishes-and-mild-acneYour skin is your friend. It protects you from the elements, and literally keeps you together. In turn, you do your best to protect your skin from as much damage as you can. We care for our skin externally with different products and internally by using skin care vitamins such as Dermera. As much as we all try to do everything the right way to prevent skin damage of any kind, sometimes it is out of our control.

Mild acne and blemishes are two common skin care concerns that many people encounter. Commonly referred to as the same thing, the reality is, blemishes and acne are two different things. Acne is a long-lasting skin disease with significant scarring whereas blemishes are a skin condition. However, mild acne is the most common form of acne consisting of occasional over-production of blackheads, bumps and pustules or whiteheads. Mild acne is not usually widespread nor are the blemishes too inflamed.

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