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4 At Home Face Masks To Try Now!




Are you looking for some great at home face masks?  Imagine being able to have soft and glowing skin without having to spend a fortune on beauty products.  With a few ingredients, you can give yourself an at home facial treatment that will leave your skin glowing.  An at home face mask is a great way to keep your skin glowing, without the extreme cost of a professional facial.  Facial masks come in a variety of types, it depends on the results you’re looking for.  They can range from facial masks meant to draw impurities from the skin, eliminate dead skin cells and even tighten and tone the skin.

Masks should be applied to clean skin for 10 minutes to a maximum of 30 minutes, depending on the type of mask you use.  For example, clay-based masks are used for oily-skin and combination skin types and should never be on your skin for longer than 15 minutes otherwise the mask can dry your skin out more than necessary. On the opposite end, some hydrating masks used for drier skin types can be used as overnight treatments.

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10 Essential Foods for Glowing Skin




Beautiful, glowing skin is always the best accessory whether you are an A-list actress or a stay-at-home mother. Everyone wants gorgeous, glowing, youthful looking skin.  Imagine having clear, vibrant looking skin everyday, and not having to leave your home. These 10 essential foods for glowing skin will help you achieve a radiance that will make you the envy of everyone around.

What we eat and drink plays a large role in how our skin looks. The natural ingredients in many foods for glowing skin help do everything from reducing redness and irritation to protecting the skin against sun damage. Fortunately, you don’t always need the top estheticians and dermatologist on speed dial. You can take the necessary steps towards glowing skin right at home, and your professional skin care provider will thank you. A healthy diet full of nutrient-rich foods is as important to obtaining healthy, glowing skin as the creams on our nightstands. Don’t worry if you don’t maintain the healthiest diet. Vitamin supplements, like DERMERA Skin Vitamins are an excellent source of the vital skin nutrients that your body could be missing. What goes on internally is reflected in our skin thus, if our skin is glowing, that means we’re nourishing and nurturing ourselves.

The following 10 essential foods for glowing skin can be found everywhere and some of them are most likely already in your pantry. Start adding these natural skin care, delicious superfoods for glowing skin to your daily diet and watch your skin begin to glow before your eyes.

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10 Must-Do’s for Healthy Skin




Caring for our skin should be a top priority. Protecting the skin we live in and treating it to the highest quality is essential for our daily health. As such, diligently following a healthy skin care regimen is one of the first steps towards long-term skin care benefits.

Using a combination of skin care products and skin vitamins such DERMERA Skin Vitamins, you will be on your way towards a skin care regimen that will not only protect your skin externally but internally as well.

There is something comforting about having a healthy skin care routine. Spending a few minutes in the morning and in the evening to pamper your skin goes a long way to a productive day or restful night. Fortunately, the steps towards a skin care routine for morning and night are the same, with the exception of slight product differences. A basic skincare routine is as follows:

  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • Moisturize

In addition to these 3-steps, adding exfoliation (as regularly as your skin requires) are all you need to begin a healthy skin care routine.

Skin Care
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